New Building for Wix company

Project: Wix Building

City:  Glilot

Contractor: Tidhar Group

Project background:

In this project we have been asked to supply solutions for five basement floors of 20,000 sq/m, one trading floor and 8 office floors. A few of Alumlight systems have been used:

For the basements:

  • RASTA+ system – modular aluminum formworks for building cores for manual work, in integration with striking corners in order to ease the disassemble process and extract the boxes as a whole after casting
  • Rasta Deck – 400 for slabs in different heights – for the first few floors we are using Rasta Deck – 400 based on 3 ton supporting legs, preface of 3.5 meters, and for the trading floor we are using Rasta Deck – 400 based on acro towers – 2 inch.
  • The system enables the constructor working efficiently, fast and safely. In addition, it enables an early disassembly thanks to the drop head.
  • One side forms system – 3 meters height, combined with steel reels, and another one side forms system combined with triangles that reach 5 meters.
  • Piers platforms inside the building cores for closing all spaces and openings.
  • Acro 2 inch system for supporting transformation beams incision of 2/2.8 meters.

Typical floor Systems:

  • Casting tables for the perimeter of the building to protect the workers who work on the beams
  • Rasta Deck 400 for slabs
  • AluMax System for casting core walls – this system is made of steel and aluminum beams and enables casting high walls in different geometric shapes


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