Aluminum Support Towers

Benefits of the contractor:

Complementary horizontal system made from aluminum stringer beams and joists.

Very strong aluminum beams allows big spans between the aluminum towers.

Gallery product

Dimensions and sizes

Horizontal dimensions

A variety of horizontal dimensions that enable flexibility in the design of the tower (optimal planning):

Height dimensions

A variety of height dimensions of the basic frame that enables optimal planning of the number of frames at height:

Lightweight and portable:

Lightweight, powerful and portable:

Complementary accessories

מסגרת אלומיניום

מידות: 1.20 מ', 1.50 מ', 1.80 מ', 2.10 מ'

קורת אלומיניום 14 ס"מ

קורת אלומיניום 16.5 ס"מ


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תפסן A + בורג אלומה

בורג אלומה

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