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Formwork Engineering

Alumlight is a leading company in its field established by the engineer Yoram Raz in 1991 and specializes in engineering design, development, manufacture, import and marketing of molds for a concrete casting.

Alumlight is a one stop shop for modular concrete molds for its customers. The Company provides a unique combination of engineering design services and an advanced and innovative basket of solutions that provides a comprehensive response to the engineering requirement in the field of concrete casting molds.

Alumlight is one of the leading companies in the formwork engineering field, according to duns100:

CEO Remarks

We invite you to browse through our new website, learn more about Alumlight`s 27 years of experience, and find out more about the range of solutions and services we provide to our customers.
The company has a new logistics center in the new industrial area in Mevo Carmel, where all the rental activity is conducted.
Alumlight also has a factory where all our modular forms are produced.
The company owns advanced construction equipment of various types.
Throughout its existence, Alumlight has been extremely strict about the quality of the equipment, services, and creative building solutions we provide, enabling low work and material inputs to benefit our customers.

The company manufactures modular aluminum forms, by the commercial name RASTA. These forms (unique product) as you may see on our website, have many advantages over other steel forms available in the market.
Our sales department shows an impressive increase in sales each year thanks to the quality of our forms.
The company constantly increases its equipment stock to meet customer demand. Alumlight makes sure to purchase and develop new types of equipment and is developing additional means to provide its customers with comprehensive engineering solutions.
Alumlight is a formwork engineering leader in the construction market thanks to our excellent employees who work day and night for the success of the company. We are proud to provide professional service to many customers, large and small, who get to enjoy our professionalism and top-quality equipment.

Yoram Raz

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