Industrialized forms for walls

A construction of aluminum profiles with attached plywood

Advantages for a contractor:

A construction of aluminum profiles with attached plywood.

 These forms are simple to assemble using fasteners and can be used to assemble forms for pillars, walls and shafts.

You can choose between three types of forms:

Industrial Forms  – ALUFORM, Shrinkable Forms – ALUBOX.

Industrialized forms for walls - Types

Shrinkable forms – ALUBOX

Internal aluminum shrinkable form designed for walls, shafts and reinforced security rooms. 

ALUBOX shrinking forms:

  • After shrinking the form can be lifted as a single unit, or raised in a shaft on a platform.
  • Moving the form as a one unit saves crane time and reduces labor input.
  • The form is composed of secondary aluminum beams and primary steel/aluminum beams with shrinkable corners that allow shrinkage and separation from concrete after casting.
  • The form is relatively light compared to a steel shrinking form.

Industrial forms – ALUFORM

A system composed of steel and aluminum profiles with plywood lining.

ALUFORM Industrial Forms:

  • Light form, weighing about 40 kg / sq. m. including scaffold and plywood coating (steel form weighs about 80 kg / sq. m.)
  • Very strong.
  • Requires relatively few tie rods. 
  • Forms can be assembled to any size, vertically or horizontally.
  • Small size during storage and transport.
  • Simple and fast assembly using clamps and screws.
  • Very low maintenance and handling costs.

Industrialized forms – ALUFORM

An industrialized form for columns consists of standard profiles (the same profiles are suitable for both slabs and walls) and aluminum or steel rims.

The lining is made of plywood attached to the wooden strip inside the aluminum beams using wooden screws.

Industrial forms ALUFORM:

Relatively small number of parts
The form is made of two parts and easy to dismantle, saving labor and material inputs.
It is possible to cast relatively high walls.
You can get architectural exposed concrete.
Allows relatively fast casting.

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